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Dear unpublished author,

I've been there.

You've written a book and you long to see it in print. Now you can self publish your children's book, cookbook, memoir, poetry book, novel or  travelogue. Create a book to use as a sales tool, or to give along with your business card on meet-ups, business trips or conferences. Create a published gift journal.

You don't need to pay thousands to get your book published and available to readers. You don't  want to have stacks of  your book sitting on your shelves -- getting dusty.

Do you have the knowledge, skills and software needed to self publish?  PublishOwl can fill in the blanks needed to publish your book.

You can self publish and print on demand. PublishOwl can walk you through the process for one flat fee. ($200)*

Publish your book via POD CreateSpace in a few months time.

To see books I've published, visit my book website.

PS:  That little owl is Hoot, and he has his own book series. The first in the series is available at,:

Who in the Hoot is Shakespeare?

Who in the Hoot is Edgar Allen Poe Second in series!

Who in the Hoot is Mark Twain?

                NEW BOOKS ARE COMING :)

Sailor Talk - Pirates love bad words, parents do not.

Sorrow Birds - A book on healing grief.

The Cat Sees Paris - A cat strolls through city-of-lights.

One and None - A toddler book; For not so terrible 2's!


NEW BOOK by author Dave Lopes Life's Directions, is a collection of poems for life's special times.

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